Treatment to Loose Stomach Fat Sudbury

Hifu Sudbury can help loose fat and tighten the skin for upper and lower stomach areas.

Why HIFU Sudbury can help with our Treatment to Loose Stomach Fat

Stomach HIFU Sudbury Treatment


Ultrasound has been used safely by medical practitioners to diagnose, treat and monitor foetal development. 

Hifu is able to help with stomach fat with our Treatment to Loose Stomach Fat.

The HIFU Sudbury or High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound is a technique during which areas of the abdomen are targeted to kill fat cells below skin level without using invasive procedures like liposuction.

For centuries women resorted to wearing items like a corset to change their body shapes and in particular the stomach area. 

The methods differ today but the body and its contours remain important to both sexes. 

Our clients love that we’re caring for their skin and bodies in the best way possible, offering them effective, safe and clinically proven treatments with long-lasting results to restore their confidence.

Benefits of treating the stomach area Sudbury
How High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound HIFU Sudbury Work

HIFU Sudbury is the delivery of concentrated HIFU waves inside the body at a depth between 8mm and 13mm which generates heat, to destroy the fat cells targeted.

This happens below the dermis and epidermis to ensure no damage at skin level.

The fat cells die off and are removed from the area by the lymphatic system.

This reduces the number of fat cells and tightens the skin, to ensure that the waist reduces after treatment.

The forming of collagen in the area tightens the skin over a period of time to ensure a thinner waist with less flabby skin.

The waistline of both sexes plays an important role in self-confidence and self-esteem, it affects the way people view themselves.

The reduction in the waistline and tightening of the skin helps people to change the way they see themselves and gives them confidence.

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This improves their outlook on life and ensures that they become more effective in social situations and relationships.

They are willing to change their clothing style and wear more fashion items which they previously didn’t.

Activity levels improve and they are attracted to an active and healthy lifestyle.

We care about you, the results you want to achieve and a natural long lasting effect. Call HIFU Sudbury today!